Chez Philippe is a family owned French restaurant in downtown Los Gatos. Come join us and enjoy a French rustic home ambiance along with great food and great company.

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Stop by for lunch and try our savory crêpe! We also recommend the Niçoise salad, and one of the chef’s favorites L’American Sandwiche!

Tuesday to Saturday: 11:30am – 2pm


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Start with a French Onion soup, then treat yourself with a Parisian steak tartare, some Moules Frites or even our grilled steak with caramelized shallots sauce!

Tuesday to Thursday: 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Friday to Saturday: 5:30pm – 8:30pm


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Stop by for brunch this Sunday and treat yourself with our delightful crepe beneditct or our delicious nutella french bread!

Sunday:  10:30am – 2pm

Braised Chicken in red wine sauce

Coq Au Vin

This one is maybe one of my favorite dish, maybe because I remember my mother cooking it in her “cocote minute”, French pressure cooker. Le coq au vin, literally a rooster in wine, is a dish tingle in the French history for more than 2000 years with Jules Caesar and one of our famous Gaulois “Vercingétorix”, but still very much alive in french homes. We use chicken those days instead of the old rooster but the recipe is the same and full of flavors and so delicious.” – Chef Philippe

Slowly cooked duck leg

Canard Confit

Le canard confit. The practice of cooking duck in duck fat for two to three hours date back from the Egyptian and in France, this dish was much of an paysans dish until one of our French king discovered it and placed it in the Royal table where it belongs, Henry IV. It is traditionally served with sautéed potatoes as many dishes from the south west of France.” – Chef Philippe

Mussels & Fries

Moules Frites

“Moules frites, this was my childhood. Eating all summer long those delicious little mussels (much smaller in the west coast of France) in front of the ocean. And then dipping or soaking the French fries in the sauce. No need ketchup!” – Chef Philippe

8oz of raw, lean ground beef

Steak Tartare

Now the steak tartare! Oh my god! If you end up in Paris one day, this is “incontournable”. The texture, the freshness … And if you’ve never tried it, this is something that will surprised you. I try to make the authentic one, I’m from Paris. The best meat and the best ingredients chopped by hand, on top of fresh baby spinach and French fries. And yes, you should have ketchup with this one!” – Chef Philippe

Caramelized apple tart

Tarte Tatin

Ah la la, a classic desert in all French brasserie. Many stories, from the women that put the apple tart in the oven and forgot the crust to the chef that dropped it on the floor. The recipe has long change but this very tasty little apple tart is served slightly warm and top with a scoop of vanilla ice scream or “à la mode”. Remember to also try our profiteroles! Ok I’ll stop now, too many good things to try!” – Chef Philippe

Executive Chef & Owner - Philippe Leroy

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Chef Philippe, owner and executive chef of Chez Philippe, is a classically trained chef with over 35 years of culinary experience. He graduated from the prestigious Ferrandi Paris. He’s a well experienced chef who has opened many restaurants and looking to make Los Gatos his home.